The Missing Peace

The Pending Nuptials

Day 2

Day 2

Just left Oasis Town (Deep Well) in pursuit of the Caravan.

We travelled for a ways until we were beset by a storm that had several wolves accompanying it. The wolves happened to be the same as those I saw back in Deep Well, the ones being tended to by Brycroft. After quickly dispatching the beasts the storm let up and we continued onward.

Later in the day we came upon a town, what we would later learn was called Torch. This is a fairly significant sized town with a large wall surrounding a tall tower with a giant flame on the top. Surrounding the walls of the city was the Caravan spread out and apparently celebrating. As we began to make our plan we were interrupted by several Goblins. The Goblins asked us to be on our way if we weren’t part of the Caravan. Apparently they were hired a few weeks back in the desert to serve as outriders for the Caravan. Tiring of their insistence we quickly dispatched them, leaving a lone Goblin, Grog as a survivor. The outriders had been tattoo’d with the same symbol as that which was found on the Odd Envelopes. After learning what we could from him I thought we could let him go, my companion Brokk, being a dwarf and having a natural enmity towards the foul beasts dispatched him with a blow to the head.

Waiting till nightfall we made our way into the revelry disguising ourselves as drunks who had wandered out of the encampment. Easily fooling the guards we made our way through the crowds trying to learn as much as we could.

I was very nearly captured by the guards surrounding Torch but managed to escape before they could drag me into the city walls. We also noticed several signs describing the three of us and asking for anyone with information to go to their nearest guard. We decided to gather more information from someone other than a common traveler.

Scaring the Elephant and interrogating the handler was our next move. We learned that the Caravan was returning after several centuries for a marriage between their princess and the king of these lands, Hubert. The town of Torch was the last place they saw before they reached the desert and it is the first place they are stopping now before they head off toward The Landing, which is apparently the capital of this land. The last thing we learned from the handler was that the strange symbol on the Odd Envelopes is apparently Hubert’s.

Still no memory beyond the last 3 days…

Still no explanation for why we are wanted or why we were kidnapped…

So many questions, very few answers.

We have taken refuge for the night in one of the tents of the Caravan, hoping to have an easier time of getting into the city tomorrow and finding some answers.

- Roth



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